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Monday, March 31, 2008


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I would have been squirming in the front seat when the (off-screen) sex occured in this book. So sorry to have read it; to hear it narrated -- ugh!


I had to ask my husband about the sex, which I missed completely. He reminded me of the episode you're talking about, which I had interpreted as possible fooling around / making out. My husband said that at the time he heard it he thought to himself, "That could be interpreted as sex, I'm a little surprised that's in here."I think the incident was probably thickly enough veiled to pass in a kid book.

Fuse #8

Man, oh man, I did not like this book. I may be alone in this, but it just killed me how wrong Barry got so many of the characters. You're dead on with the saintly Peter, and what was up with Hook? Where's my sophisticated dandy with his silver cigar holder and beautiful wigs? This guy slept with the bones of the things he ate. Interesting watching them try to make the Indians okay, though.


Yeah you know I wasn't sure about Hook. I kept trying to remember the characters in the book rather than the animated disney characters, and I found I just couldn't remember him in the book.

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