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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


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Thank you for the heads-up on this collection. I am in the middle of the third story, and I am absolutely entranced. The language, the turn of phrase, the observations of ordinary life mixed with the extraordinary...I want a St. Francis statue with a clay Ganesh head!


I know, right? I had to go find everything else Kelly Link's ever written. There's another copy of The Best of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet on the shelf - filed under "Best" of course. *rolls eyes*


I just grabbed the copy of "Best of", but she's just an editor with one story in the compilation. I am checking out a copy of Magic for Beginners, which is all her. There are two more in the system. One more little obsession to feed my Aspie tendencies...


I loved this collection too! Monster didn't really make me wonder whether the kid got eaten. It made me wonder if I'd ever be able to go camping again. Right now, that's a big fat NO. :)

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