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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


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can i just tell you how much i enjoy this blog? you're mouthy. i like that. totally with you in the love of marla frazee and the hmmm reaction to house in the night over in a blue room (the latter was HUGE with my 4-yr-old; the former didn't connect at all).my 7-yr-old was crazy about and memorized most of frankenstein makes a sandwich, but was really disappointed by FMAC. i thought it did err on the side of "funny for grownups" -- my daughter KNEW there was too much she wasn't getting, and felt frustrated and left out.

Sarah Campbell

Thank you for your kind words about Wolfsnail. When the publisher called me he could hardly keep a straight tone -- a predatory snail ... and no one else has written about it ... and you just happen to be the expert ... (of course, I'm not really an expert). But I watched mighty carefully. Thanks for keeping the guys in mind.

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