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Monday, November 02, 2009


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Looks like a great book - and yes those illustrations look super!


i am tempted to punish these people for not putting the illustrator on the cover. to quote joss whedon: grr, argh. but the book looks too interesting and the art looks too good for me to ICE THIS BOOK SOCIALLY and snub it for being insufficiently illustrator-appreciative. hmph.

thanks for the heads-up!


Before you go and complain about the illustrator issue on the cover please do consider that Nishant did not design the spreads, the concepts, character interaction or the layouts, he was commissioned by a detailed set of briefs. The designer and editor on this project don't even get a mention in the book and they put in as much effort towards the final book as the author and editor. Thankyou.


I absolutely recognize that the editor and designer of a book deserve more credit than they routinely get - especially the designer of a good-looking book like this one. Heck, I've BEEN a book editor, I know how much work they do! However, it's a sad fact that it is not customary to credit them on the cover.

It is, however, customary to list the illustrator on the cover of a book, especially when the book is as heavily illustrated as this one, or when the illustrator is well-known enough to prompt a browser's interest.

One could argue that it's the line between content creator and content facilitator... but that's often a pretty wavy line. I think we just have to chalk it up to tradition.

Thank you for your thought-provoking comment, and thank you for reading Pink Me!

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