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Saturday, February 20, 2010


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Parenthetical Sam

Hee! Now I want a list of hipster books for small children.

The one that comes to my mind is The Space-Child's Mother Goose, which manages to be both really old (1950s?) and po-mo, and includes rhymes like the classic "Probable-Possible, my black hen / She lays eggs in the relative When / She doesn't lay them in the positive Now / Because she's unable to postulate how." My guy's parents read this to him as a small child and he swears it made him who he is today: a nerdy, design-minded hipster. :)


Sam you are effin s-ing me! Oh my GOD I need that book! How was that book not part of MY childhood? My dad was exactly the kind of beatnik physicist nerd who might have actually read that aloud to us. Your bf is right: Science + grammar = nerd.

I did a hipster book list once, hm where is it...

Bit out of date now though.

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