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Monday, March 22, 2010


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Karen Healey

Hah! I appreciate this thoughtfulness!

"This is not criticism that I am too broken up about - push the sheep out of your way and go to the library!"

This would be a viable alternative for those books you review that have been/are shortly to be published in Australia. A lot of them aren't, and for those, I have to get my internet order on.

It's just SO HARD, my life, with all the great books.


Aw, man! I suck! Way to rub in the antipodeanness. On the other hand, I cannot find Supergroove on iTunes so we're sort of even. If I still had my copy of Ship Breaker I'd send it to you, but I gave it to a 14 year old. :(

Karen Healey

It's cool! I will be in the US this June-July, and will buy all the books in the world for SUPER CHEAP.

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