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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


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Leslie F. Miller



This post is a treasure! Thanks so much for all the suggestions. Yay!

FWIW, The Red Pyramid, Emily Windsnap, NERDS and the Lunch Lady all are big in our house. But though I adored One Crazy Summer, I was shocked that my voracious-reader 8-yr-old refused to read past the third page. Why? Because in the space of the first few paragraphs you learn the names of the three girls and what they call their dad and grandmother, and that they're on a Boeing 727 experiencing some poetically described turbulence, and it feels as if Cassius Clay is hitting the plane, and some people call Cassius Clay Muhammad Ali. Three references she didn't know (Boeing, Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali) and so much going on, and why one person had two different names, in addition to all the family introductions...it was just too confusing for her, too much exposition too fast. If she'd been willing to keep going I KNOW she would have adored the book as much as I did, but she was overwhelmed and shut down. Boo hoo. That said, One Crazy Summer is still my own favorite children's novel of the year so far.


Marjorie, as I always say when people thank me for hooking them up with books at the library - it is my pleasure!

I believe in the whole division of labor thing, and, while I always say that kids/YA lit is rewarding to read on its own merits, I also always say I read these books so you don't have to! I just wish I could sell my plumber on the barter system - good book recommendations for his kid in exchange for not charging me $92 just to enter my house.


you were awesome!

Jane @ Map Shower Curtain

Thank you so much for this post! I am always looking for new books for my daughter, especially in summer. I have printed this post and I'm off to the library now!

Imee Baronda

Great review and I use pick some books that I'm interested and take a look on it...Thanks for the post...:)

From the Philippines
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