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Saturday, August 07, 2010


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I read that Gofugyourself bit about a half a dozen times. Chuckling each time. Sometimes they really cross the line between snarky fun and really really really amazing stream of thought writing about sometime completely insane. and real.

as in, I can't believe someone sat in a meeting and heard this pitch and said, "GREEN!" .

love it.

might go read it again, right now.


Cole - this is why we are friends. I was blown away by that bit too. They make me want to write better, or more funnier anyway. Greetings from central America!


are ya back? are ya/ are ya? huh? Huh? huh?

Sigh. probably JUST in time to wave bye as we head off for annual beach camping , which, by the by, is not nearly as exciting as going to central america. sigh.

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