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Sunday, September 26, 2010


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Andrew Smith

Thanks very much for that, Paula.


I've been sitting on that review since BEA, practically, and I couldn't wait a minute longer! Good luck Andrew! Can't wait to see it in my library!


or... you're right, it was ALA!


I FINALLY picked this book up.

Every ten or fifteen pages, I have to close it, set it down in front of me and stare hard at it for a while before diving back in.

I keep debating whether to just wash my hands of Jack. Sorry kid, but this shit is too intense. You're on your own for the next fifty chapters.

(and in case it's unclear, this is a positive review. I'm just having trouble saying things like "wonderful!" and "great read!" about a book of this sort that accomplishes it's uncomfortable goal so well)


Teen Wolfe! Long time. The more I think about it, the more I am astonished and impressed that the publishing industry still gets behind books like Marbury Lens. Everyone's under the same market pressure, and yet someone - someone in the YA market! - is still willing to take a chance on a book that is as you put it uncomfortable, which is perhaps the best word.

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