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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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Patty Dowd, 3110 Juneau Place, Baltimore, MD  21214

OK. You nailed it with 'All My Friends are Dead'! Why couldn't I have thought of this book???? I think they will be my favorite stocking stuffer this year.

Jim Pipik

Looks great!


Awesome list! What would we do without you, Pinkie?

Big Lo Hop

OOh, fun finds for my graphic novel loving future hubby!


Auntie Lo, you need to buy James Kochalka's SuperF*ckers for your Double-A R-O-N. Mostly because I can't buy it, cause Kochalka also does kid graphic novels, and my kids will see the art and go, "Whee! A book for me!" and then it's all pornographic superhero antics inside and therapy for them down the way.


It takes a ... unique brain chemistry to be able to discover and comprehend such a diverse collection of works. My brain hurts from just peeking at some of these. If we get them all, can I quit my job and just sit in a hammock and read them? Indeed, what would we do without you, Pinkie?

Ms. Yingling

Think I may want to read this first before adding it to my library. Of course, if we both won a copy, we could read it!


Speaking (a few days ago) of Wildean -- the only thing worse than children with no interest in the mechanics of fiscal responsibility are those who do have ... you can fill in the rest. Ah, but I kid, I kid.


This is great--Ellie and Lilah will thank you.

Big Lo Hop

That sounds like a perfect first year anniversary present...paper and all!


Thank you for compiling this curious list.


No Ava, it is your DAUGHTERS who will thank me! Bwa ha ha ha ha!!


I'm going to get Enzo to bookmark your page; I think I mentioned that we went to the library and he was trying to figure out what to get--he turned to me and said, "don't you know any more books that Paula recommended?" (Now if I had a smart phone...)


I adore Chronicle's cookbooks, so I would need to add some of those to my list.


Cool! I hope you win!

Jenny Schwartzberg

Wow. So many of those books look tempting! Thanks for this list.

Amanda Snow

Awesome list! This is so much fun!

jane pipik

This is the go-to site for all things books and creative inspiration. PINK ME PINK ME PAULA!!!


What an eclectic list! I rather enjoy your picture book selections. :)


Awesome list! Fingers crossed;))

Vincent Desjardins

Your wish list of books is great. I'd love to have those in my library as well. Good luck!

Gaby @ Starting Fresh

Great list - the books are so gorgeous! This is an amazing giveaway.

gaby317nyc at gmail.com

Jennifer McCann

Nice, I want them too!


You have made my "I want" list much longer!


I would sneak in some of their crafty books and, of course, Pictorial Webster's... :-)

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