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Monday, November 08, 2010


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An interesting post! I hope some authors are taking note of your requests. Nothing immediately comes to mind that I would like to see (now that some new books on the Philadelphia Phillies have finally come out) but I'm going to be thinking about this. I know there must be something I can't find.


I hear you on the lack of books on the local team - I'm in Baltimore! Sometimes it seems like the Ravens ONLY hire people whose penchant for theft and violence guarantees that nobody will ever be able to write a 'sports hero' biography about them. Can you imagine? The Ravens front office is totally disregarding the needs of librarians! :)

Kerry Aradhya

Sorry you are so frustrated (and that your brain has frizzled!), but I appreciate hearing about the topics you feel are being neglected out there. One of the ones you mentioned was dance. I actually just started a blog on picture books about dance so have been doing lots of research on it. I haven't been able to blog about all of the books I've found yet, but I have found some on styles other than ballet. (I hear you about the ballet, though!) Although I can't be sure, it seems that the newer books are more diverse, so I hope that trend continues. Nonetheless, I have been surprised at some of the holes I've found, and I'm even considering attempting to fill some myself. I'm glad to know that at least someone out there will appreciate it if I succeed :)


Kerry, thank you! LOVE that book you found in India... doubt I can acquire it here though :(

There's a capoeira book for kids that I am fond of, but I really wish for books on African dance, on hula, Thai dance, Caribbean traditions - it's a great subject, since it combines learning about other cultures with history, geography, and movement. I'm always so surprised when I go looking and do not find.

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