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Friday, December 10, 2010


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Ivan Stoikov - Allan Bard

Being a writer myself, I still cannot understand why some people are so stupid to ban scary books for kids... Yes, they reveal horrible things and events, but at the same time help kids to grow up, to become better persons, to deal with every situation in life, etc. Parents should not forget there is much more wisdom in such stories than in all meaningless (but "safe") soap operas for example... Many friends tell me that there are much violence and unpleasant moments in some of my books too, they suggest that I should change my writing style, hut it's something I wouldn't recommend to anyone, including Steve Augarde too... What's more important, to keep kids "safe" with meaningless everyday stories, or help them become kind-hearted persons who wouldn't be stopped by a dangerous situation and would do the right thing during the hardest event? To the people who insist kids should be given "safe" stories, I always say: One can fight money only with money. (from my Tale Of The Rock Pieces). Best wishes to all fans of the good stories for kids and adults! I also think the good stories for kids should be of the kind that adults could read too?

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