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Thursday, April 21, 2011


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Katie Davis

Jerry and I just got back from dinner out to find this incredible review! I wish you could've seen me jumping up and down in our kitchen when I read the line about Big Chicken tying Little Chicken's shoes, a detail I NEVER thought anyone would notice. This is absolutely delicious to me. And in all fairness, my Art Director, Deb Sftetsios, gets credit for that egg car seat!

Thank you so much for your Little Chicken love!


Katie, I am so glad you liked our review! Christina was literally all a-twitter about Little Chicken, and I am a big happy fan too - I know that it is NO WAY as easy as it looks to write a story as sweet and little and complete as this one... it's like the Incredible Edible Egg in picture book form. Although that's maybe a gruesome comparison given the subject matter... hmm!

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