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Saturday, September 24, 2011


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AWESOME post. special coffee-spew bonus points for Flagyl joke about a projector.


Thank you Marjorie for getting my Flagyl joke! Not too often I have to look up 'treatment venereal diseases' when I'm writing for Pink Me. :p

Ms. Yingling

"Need more. Spy fiction. For teen boys. Thank you." Hurrah! The new Harlan Coben was good-- not exactly spies, but a lot of action. And more Higson type Zombie books. I'm reading a vampire/werewolf novel right now that I think my boys will like. But you are SO right that YA especially is heavily girl oriented.

Miss K

I LOVE your new banner; it's gorgeous!

James Kennedy

It was a hoot to meet you! I hope I don't just get a reputation as "the Robert Cormier necrophilia" guy, though. I have so much more to offer.


James given my current headsuit obsession, you came close to being "the James Spader Hair Guy". Was excellent meeting you too!

Ms. Y that Coben book is on my list. But the strength of the Higson books in my opinion is - yeah they're action action cannibalism action, but we're also well inside the heads of the main characters. Those books hit it so well - books that allow teenage boys to access their feelings without embarrassment.

Plus, the overarching metaphor - as you begin to grow up, you realize your parents are people with their own frightening appetites and motivations - is brilliant to me.

Banner by the awesomely talented Toddfather! http://toddbrizzi.com/

James Kennedy

Funny you should mention Spader. For a while I modeled my entire personality after his character in "Pretty in Pink":



Oh, Steff. Never before or since have so many girls walked out of the theater knowing that if it were them, they'd've booted the sensitive one to the curb in favor of the arrogant rapey one.


Wanda Langley

That is so true that we found many different reasons to realize that we have home away from home. Sometimes the reason might be bizarre but at least we deep in us that what we have felt is true and is never fake.

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