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Thursday, September 29, 2011


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Monica Edinger

Glad to see this reviewed. I'm a huge fan Fforde's adult titles and was eager to see this one, but it felt overstuffed with the references with not enough action or character development. That is, he did much of what he does in the adult works, but there the references work bettered for me --- The Eyre Affair is set IN Jane Eyre, there are lots of wonderful Lewis Carroll references and so forth and so on. I adore them. But this one seemed sort of Fforde lite --- not unlike the way I felt about Hoot; having read Hiassen's adult works it felt like an effort to play the same game and rework characters (the barefoot boy in Hoot seemed pretty darn close to the crazy ex-Mayor of the adult works) for a younger audience (thus more scatological jokes than sex ones). I'm afraid I felt the same with this one, but I will read the next to see if it works better. (I feel Hiaasen is improving with each book; quite liked FLUSHED.)


Monica, I very much agree with the Hiaassen comparison - and like Hiaassen, I feel like he's going to get more of a feel for it in subsequent books. I think he did a pretty good job finding humor even without the references to lean on - but yeah it felt like we were being introduced to characters that were going to remain relatively static for a long-ish series.

What I'm glad about is that I think this style of humor is appealing to certain kids and I am always happy to have more of it for them.

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