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Friday, September 02, 2011


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Also a wonderland: Regretsy


At the moment, the front page there features a fine, fine portrait of Admiral Ackbar on black velvet. (Sorry, ladies and gents -- not for sale.)

Monica Edinger

Just wanted to pop in and say I read your blog regularly and enjoy it tremendously. (I also saw you from afar at SLJ's Day of Dialog, but did not manage to come over and introduce myself. Another time, I hope.)


Monica, you are so sweet - thanks for the boost! We will surely find a moment at one of these things to sit down and get acquainted.

Sam @ Parenthetical

*I* read your blog... oh wait, that was kind of your point. :) Anyway, I actually read you more regularly because you post less often, so I appreciate the reiterating!

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