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Friday, November 04, 2011


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Sam @ Parenthetical

I actually have all three of these things in my liquor cabinet! This never happens with cocktail recipes I get on the internet.

...Wait, there were books in this post?

Sam @ Parenthetical

Update: I wanted a drink the other night and made this. It was delicious.


My preppie son pulled me aside and taught me how to get through my youngest son's wedding to a darling little townie..."Have a Dirty martini, Mom, a very, filthy Dirty martini, and keep your sunglass on at all times." It worked.

I loved the book. Refreshing to live out a few fantasies of my own, perhaps? My english teacher would have laughed his butt off!


PS: I thought your post was awesome, can't wait to read more of them. And, I'm going to get the other books you recommend.


Deborah, I'm so glad you enjoyed it - I do feel with books like this and Modelland I'm doing service work sometimes! My Advil Calendar - 24 days of cocktails - will be up on yourneighborhoodlibrarian.blogspot.com starting December 1.

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