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Friday, January 20, 2012


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Brenda Kahn

Sounds amazing! Thanks for the heads up. I put it on the list.



After this post, not only do I deeply want to read this book, I kinda want to marry you. ;^)

Great rant!


Awesome review (and post in general). If I'd just read the Amazon summary of Me and Earl and the Dying girl, I wouldn't have thought much about it; but this review got me really curious.

Also, majorly agree on the YA and taking chances thing. I think this is one of the most captivating genres for that reason.

Ms. Yingling

See? I'm just old. It makes me supremely uncomfortable to hand books to students with bad language and sexual descriptions in them, and so much of what is checked out in my library is recommended. At the public library, I completely agree. Have The Downside of Being Up. But having that in the school library and having your librarian hand it to you... no. Just can't see it.


I think a school library that serves the high school grades is probably the most difficult to maintain - I don't envy that job!

That being said, I recall a certain neutral expression on the face of the librarian who handed me... can't remember... something with some racy passages - maybe Confederacy of Dunces? Sirens of Titan? when I was in high school. "You might enjoy this" implies no judgement.

Of course, it can be difficult to recommend books that you yourself do not care for - I have the same discomfort recommending boy-crazy romance or deep bummer historical fiction.


This post is all kinds of awesome.

There is so much risk-taking going on in YA fiction right now, it's amazing! Where was this when I was a young adult???

This book sounds fab, and I'm glad you gave us this clip of a movie I've never seen, it helps. I'm all about the visual.


This just completely made my morning. All of this. Your opening rant. This thoughtful review. That hysterical passage of dialogue that had me literally laughing out loud, which woke my baby up from his morning nap, which I did not even mind because finding your blog put me in such a good mood. Can't believe I'm just now finding Pink Me. I AM OBSESSED. I read the "About Pink Me," and at the risk of sounding like a stalker... I wish I still lived in Baltimore b/c I would so want to meet you. We lived in Baltimore City for the past 5 years and moved to MI in August. Your header looks suspiciously similar to the houses on the block where we used to live - 26th and Howard. Can't wait to make Pink Me a part of my morning must-reads :)

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