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Thursday, February 23, 2012


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Sam @ Parenthetical

Have you ever read Endless Steppe, by Esther Hautzig? It's her autobiography, which is the same story, basically (only she's Polish). It was one of my favorites as a kid.


I know, I read that book as a kid too. I feel like there was less of the overt discussion of, like, "Stalin did this" in that book - but I should probably read it again.


Please oh please oh please let Between Shades of Gray make it to the Big Kahuna Round!!! I've now read 1/2 of the BoB contenders and, so far, none of them even compare to BSoG for me. This is the first historical fiction I've ever read that actually compelled to go teach myself even more about the events from the book. I will absolutely check out the two others you mentioned - The Cat with the Yellow Star and Dear Miss Breed. Thanks for the recommendations!

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