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Monday, March 05, 2012


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Kathleen Krull

Thanks for the mention, Pink Me, and for the fabulous focus on biographies.

Jeanne Harvey

Hi Kathleen - Terrific discussion of biographies. I just heard Dan Yaccarino speak (truly wonderful!) at a children's writer's conference this past weekend at Asilomar (near Monterey, CA). AND, I actually talked to him about his book, The Fantastic Life of Jacques Cousteau, and told him how much I love it (as another writer of picture book biographies). He said he was fascinated by him and realized he had done so much research (in the form of just wanting to read and find out everything he could about Cousteau) that he should write and illustrate a book about it. It matches just what you said about a writer selecting a topic they truly care about.

Tammy Flanders

Wow! What a range of recommendations. Some I'm familiar with (loved Jon Scieszka's book - audio version is worth listening, too) and a few I'm not.
I'm keen to track down the one about Buster Keaton. Great addition for a curriculum library.
Apples with Many Seeds


I had just finished reading "Amelia Lost" and kept scrolling through thinking, "What?? No Amelia??" but of course she was there in the end :) I'm sad to say that hers is the only book I've read from this list. I would definitely like to pick up both Knucklehead and The Fantastic Life of Jacques Couseau - your recommendations sealed the deal but the covers alone would have sold me!


OMG Tammy the audio of Knucklehead has been played over and over in our car - one of the best audiobooks ever!

Katie get that on audio, and then try not to crash the car laughing.

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