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Friday, June 29, 2012


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Nathan Hale

WOW! This is so great! Can I post your review of ONE DEAD SPY on my site? You guys are the best reviewers EVER!


Great reviews! And Milo's got an awesome haircut. And I am so getting Bird & Squirrel for Maxine. Non-sequitursville. Sorry.


Thanks for the reviews, gentlemen! Top notch. You made me want to read these even more now!


Coming from you, Aaron, that is excellent praise! Thanks!

And Nathan - you should have 9-year-olds review your work all the time. The giggling alone tells you more about the book than 1000 words of adult review!

And Marjorie - it's always nice to get the latest news and opinion from Nonsequitursville. I did that haircut myself! I have a mosquito bite! Maxine will love Bird & Squirrel!

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