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Sunday, April 28, 2013


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Superb review. Thanks, Paula!


This is a great, important review - until you get to the last line, "Oh how I wanted to love this book long time..." I know it might sound nitpicky, but I was disappointed to see a racially insensitive expression in a piece that is about looking beyond race/ethnicity. Thanks.


Well there you go, Kate, that's the kind of thing that made this review so very uncomfortable to write - one of my own blind spots crept right in. None of us, I venture to say, are completely without sin when it comes to thoughtless insensitive language. I never wanted to seem like I was berating teddy steinkellner from a great high place, and I am uncertain even now whether the classism in this book was intentional - and therefore a commentary - or unintentional, representing the author's own blind spot.

Ms. Yingling

And I just took objection with the amount of making out and the stupid penis jokes. Didn't even get to the REALLY objectionable parts, although the relationship between Danny and Hannah made me uncomfortable. Just going to pass on this one, and I was so hoping for a funny book for boys. Drat.

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