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Thursday, May 23, 2013


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There is NO HUMAN I trust more than you on funny books, and as I prepared to post your list to The Neighborhood School's Facebook page, I saw that OMG YOU MENTIONED OUR CHILDREN'S BOOK AUCTION THANK YOU!!

We aren't a charter school, just a regular ol' public school...and we don't have the money to keep our library, which blows. Last year a bunch of East Village businesses helped us out, but we're hesitant to ask again this year since that farshtunkiner tropical storm Sandy was a huge economic blow to them. We can't thank these amazing artists enough for donating work -- they are THE COOLEST.

I see I'm very CAPSY today. Sorry! And again, thanks, Paula!


Oops, oops. Not charter. Fixed! Gonna buy that painting, you know. How I adore Nancy Carpenter!

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