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Monday, May 20, 2013


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Ms. Yingling

Whew, indeed. Thanks for the short reviews-- probably should have gotten a copy of Bad Unicorn when I had the chance. My own personal children are now older than my review demographic, which is the only thing a tiny bit sad about them growing up!


That's why I have to exploit mine while I can! Boy that Milo reads a TON, I could never keep up his pace.

Platte Clark

Thanks for your reviews of Bad Unicorn! Please let Ezra know that the next book in the series, "Fluff Dragon," takes place entirely in the Magrus--so a ton of magic and mayhem to come.


Platte, they loved the zombie duck SO MUCH.

Iron Guy Carl

Hey Milo and Ezra, did you ever read the Tripods trilogy by John Christopher? The plot is sort of similar to Icons. And I just LOVE it when boys write about their favorite books, so I'm going to invite you to visit my blog, Boys Rule Boys Read. It's all about books for boys and sometimes boys tell us about their favorite books. You can Google "Boys Rule Boys Read" to find it.

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