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Thursday, August 22, 2013


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>The concept of indebtedness, specific and general, from tit-for-tat payback all the way up to what we as human beings owe to each other - winds around and through this book like a shining wire.

so well-said.

> The motivations for sex in YA books are usually opportunity (guys) or making some kind of weird point (girls).

i do not understand. say more?


I am a little itchy about this statement, as you can imagine. But I swear to you, all the instances of all-the-way sex I have read lately are either extremely murky about the girl's motivation - in Adam Strand she wants to have had sex with the freak? In Wise Young Fool she enjoys seeing herself reflected in the boy's adoration of her? - or the sex is, for her, a byproduct of grief or heartbreak.

Maybe I'm just reading too many books written by men.



Yeah, it seems to me that in the romantic YA written by women (that I've read), I don't think this statement applies.

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