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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


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Ms. Yingling

Wait-- you're actually supposed to COOK from cookbooks and not just read them? Half the books I bought from Scholastic at school seem to have been things like Little Witch's Black Magic Cookbook. I don't ever remember being allowed to make anything out of them. You've done a good job at going through these, although for library use, spiral bound is not a bonus. (Again, if you're using the book to cook rather to just read...!)


impressive round-up! but not so impressive as FOUR-LAYER MEGA BIRTHDAY CAKE! FOR HIS BROTHER! impressive on TWO levels.


A website rather than a cookbook, but you might like the recipes at Ben & Birdy. Catherine Newman is the blogger, and a number of the recipes show process steps and/or her kids, Ben and Birdy, doing the prep.

dan karanja

Thanks for the advice very informative

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