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Thursday, June 05, 2014


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It was great to run into you at BEA like ships passing! You were wise to stay away from the Bookcon area. It was so packed you could barely move (and in at least one case, I was prevented from going where I needed to go because they completely closed down the 2800 row because the demand to see Grumpy Cat was too high.)

So many good books I picked up that I can't wait to read. I haven't even unpacked my book suitcase yet. It's sitting open on the floor, and just from the ones I can see on the top I'm having trouble committing to one because I want to read them all, now!


Sheila I'm so glad I have minion readers to share the load - I can't even remember what it was like before I could rely on my sons to vet the piles of books!

Grumpy Cat is such a black hole. Can you imagine standing in line for an hour to look at a cat? Where are we, Ancient Egypt? And it's not even like she has two heads, or an unusual number of limbs!


You had me at spooge.
Great post and thanks so much for the HITCH shout out!


Jim, we should get shirts with that on it.

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