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Monday, September 22, 2014


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I love you. I've bought a LOT of picture-book biographies with beautiful art for grownups. I have never bought one for a kid. Ever. I will check out this Johnny Cash thing! (My husband will love it, regardless...)



And I bet you can't wait for my 2015 bio of dead Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova, right?


Oh baby - a ballerina bio will jete off the shelf no matter the format!
And Marjorie I almost think we should just admit that p/b bios ARE for grownups, and shelve them accordingly.


You are my goddess. I flatly refuse to buy picture book biographies and have not done so for several years. I will revisit this decision when I have convinced my director to make a "history" category in the picture book reorganization and moved all the picture book biographies there and then analyzed the circulation patterns over at least six months.

Also, Laurel, ballerinas don't count as picture book biographies in my rigid requirements (-:)


Wow, man - I was sure I was going to get blasted out of the water for my heresies, and here three of the people I most respect are in my corner!

Jennifer, I honestly do think they belong in classrooms. I think reading The Right Word would be a cool segue into talking about synonyms, and Play, Mozart, Play is a nice brief intro to playing a little Mozart piece in music class. But I support you not buying 'em for the school library!


Oh, I totally agree the place for these is a classroom or school library - but I'm a public library and even teachers don't ask for these things very often. Probably because we have really strong school libraries and also because curriculum now doesn't seem to include much in the way of actual books.


Your final paragraph made me belly laugh out loud.

There have been some fantastic biographies that have been published in the past two years, but your point about will kids ever read them is a very valid one! You never know who will strike a chord with a young person so they're all important. That said, I've read the Cash biography and agree it's an easier sell.

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