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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


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Ms. yingling

I, too, am the age of these authors. One of my cousins had a hearing aid much like Bell's, so I had a little background knowledge. My father had taught in D.C. in the early 70s, so I had a tiny bit of information about the racial issues as well- what deeply impressed me was the lead poisoning of Woodson's brother. Not having experience with issues of poverty, I hadn't believed that this was really an issue. This is why it is good for all of us to read books that reflect experiences we might not have had directoy, so that we can learn!


Karen, I was struck by Roman eating paint too - but also with Jackie's mom and aunt and their friend eating laundry starch from the box. The Argo starch thing is considered a version of pica, which definitely runs in families, and is associated with people who grew up in the South. Maybe the paint compulsion is the same thing. Anyway, it's another example of something I never knew.

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