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Thursday, January 14, 2016


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Thanks so much for doing this. I was at ALA too but doing a bunch of other stuff and heard the biggie awards but not the others. Appreciate the time you put into this.


My pleasure Jessamyn! thanks for reading!

Susan Kusel

Wonderful, Paula! Recaptures the thrill of being there!

Incidentally, not all creators have to be American. See this post for how the book that won the Caldecott has a Canadian author and an Australian illustrator, and is perfectly eligible. http://wizardswireless.blogspot.com/2016/01/q-about-2016-newbery-and-caldecott.html

The point of the Newbery- and then subsequent awards- were to create bodies of specifically American children's literature- where little existed at the time. Doesn't make it less annoying when a favorite book is ineligible, though. I feel your pain.

Also, the American rule doesn't hold true for the Printz or for Notables.


Susan thanks! Those eligibilities are really confusing - I went on the Sibert page and it was all 'everyone listed on the title page' bla bla bla... I remember we were all scratching our heads when Neil Gaiman got the Newbery.

Didn't even occur to me that Sophie's Australian!

Susan Kusel

Paula- you're welcome. It's super confusing. And you're right... each award is different. The Sibert and Geisel are awarded to both author and illustrator- so in those cases, everyone has to be eligible.... unlike the Newbery and Caldecott which is given to only one of the creators.

I love the way you write. It's exactly how you talk!

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